2.0.1 alpha 45

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2.0.1 alpha 45

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Hi all,

The newest alpha is up at http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

Since alpha 44 totally broke the newhouses feature (it's all my fault), I
brought the next one out earlier. But it's not just bugfixes either,
Marijn has added support for drag&drop bulldozing if you have enhancegui
on. But be careful, you might accidentally wipe out a town or five with
careless mouse clicks...

At the same time, Csaba was busy on the newindustries feature, and alpha
45 now includes the first working (if relatively incomplete) version of
newindustries support. Wait for new industry sets to come out soon :)

Have fun with alpha 45 and I hope this one didn't break anything serious
like the last one did,


All changes in 2.0.1 alpha 45:
- (devel) changed random and variational action 2 to use call table
- fixed bug in building new stations not being multiplayer safe (and
causing wrong layouts when using the Locomotion GUI to build it)
- fixed GRF Status window apply button not respecting persistent
engines correctly after 2050
- by Marijn: bulldozer now supports drag&drop (with enhancegui on)
- integrated Csaba's changes from 201a44vcs:
* new house callbacks:
+ 1F: Decide acceptance of tile
+ 20: Decide the length of current animation frame
+ 21: To trigger conditional destruction
* new extra flag to allow synchronized animation for multi-tile
* added ability to play sound effects during house animation
* bug fixed: If a savegame was loaded without house random
bits, multi-tile buildings got different random bits for
their tiles
* bug fixed: newhouses was broken in a44
* new debug cheat: "Cht: WhereAmI" to display tile coordinates
(available in debug builds only)
* New industry type support, doesn't yet work nicely together
with moreindustriesperclimate
- (devel) fixed findstring to not search beyond original TTD memory
- new station prop. 13 bit 1 to use cargo divided by station size
for the station graphics
- made early retirement compatible with persistentengines
- fixed bug with incorrect display of rail and road vehicle purchase
- added station var. 44 that indicates if station tile is

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