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Development discussion about Transport Empire. Other discussion to General forum please.

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Read this before you post here

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Welcome to the Transport Empire Development forum.

Access restriction

From 8th November 2006 the development secton of the Transport Empire forum section is open for everyone. If you're registered but somehow can't post here, please send me a Image or an [url=mailto://]Image[/url].

If you're not a developer, but you'd like to join our team, open a topic in the General Transport Empire Discussion forum to introduce yourself. We will then grant write access to you if you're serious about joining our team.

  • This forum was initially meant for discussions between developers of Transport Empire only. All topics are related to a specific part of the development of Transport Empire. Off topic replies are still not appreciated and will be split off into a new topic or removed, as the moderators see fit.
  • Topics should be provided with a tag. The following tags are suggested:
    • [FRDF] FRD Finishing. These topics are related to the FRD and are meant to make decisions around certain parts of the FRD
    • [RFD] Request for Discussion. These topics are a request for discussing features or suggestions.
    • [TL] Task List. These topics should be sticky. Each group (e.g. coders/artists/management/etc) has one topic, listing all the active tasks for that group.

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