2.0.1 alpha 50

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2.0.1 alpha 50

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Hi all,

latest alpha is again available at http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

Among some major internal changes to the compilation process, it's
mostly bugfixes and a few new features for graphics authors. In
particular, I fixed one little bug that snuck into alpha 49 which made
trains not wait at red PBS pre-signals as they should.

Have fun!


All changes in 2.0.1 alpha 50:
- fixed Cht: DeleteVeh not clearing reserved track when using PBS
- added var. 80+30 to industry array, contains construction date for
industries built in alpha 50 or higher
- fixed bug breaking the addition of station platforms if station is
near the middle of the map in X or Y
- fixed bug with labels causing GOTO to never execute any of the
following actions
- fixed hang if remnants of train crash in tunnel are cleared
- if action that's invalid before action 8 is encountered, the error
message is now "invalid sprite", not "wrong version"
- added station var 45 to tell whether track continues in the four
- (devel) changed uvar* macros to use .bss sections
- (devel) made reloc data an auxfile to require only a single nasm
- (devel) fixed bug in nasm, to compile a50 one must patch it with
nasm-fixofs.diff.gz (updated nasm.exe and nasm included in source
- fixed bug with fatal action B error message only being shown once,
not being kept in grf status window
- fixed trains stopping at waypoints with "nonstop off"
- fixed incorrect error message if trying to replace last of TTD's
sprites using action A
- allow historical buildings to appear when placing rocks with Ctrl
in the scenario editor
- fixed bug in PBS causing trains to ignore red pre-signals and red
two-way signals

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