2.0.1 alpha 46

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2.0.1 alpha 46

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Hi all,

latest alpha is up again at http://www.ttdpatch.net/src/

This one is again mostly bug fixes. Sorry, I haven't had time to work on
the path-based signalling feature either, so you'll still have trains
stopping when they try to reverse and can't. However, a lot of other
bugs have been fixed (see below).

In addition, Oskar has written code for a new station type: bus stops
(with newstations on). These are stations that act like simple bus stops
on the side of the road, so they need to be connected at both sides.
Busses can't reverse while on a bus stop.

Have fun!


All changes in 2.0.1 alpha 46:
- by Csaba:
* Fixed the industry name bug
* Added some array clearing that was left out from the previous
* Fix to the "action 1 must always precede action 2" bug
* House building tool with ctrl-rocks in the scenario editor
- fixed crash when viewing verbose switch list
- added all bit names of active bits in bit switches to verbose
switch list
- added more details to "invalid sprite" error, showing type of
error and, when possible, which byte of a sprite is triggering the
- allow defining action 3 for a station which has not had prop.08
set; in this case the action 3 is ignored, the same as for houses
and industry tiles
- fixed bug with aircraft sprite not getting updated when var E6
- (devel) changed default Makefile not to use gcc-2 because it's a
cygwin package that's no longer maintained; gcc 3.3.x works fine
- fixed bug in DOS version with drag&drop dynamite getting "stuck"
to the cursor
- TTDPatch now supports the Windows-style language definition like
LANG=1031 too
- fixed bug with some news messages mentioning town of destination
not town closest to current position
- in vehicle callback 1D, var.action type 82 will now use the engine
of the destination consist, not the source consist
- (devel) moved veh.lastspeed to veh2
- fixed bug in random graphics feature
- fixed AI not building correct vehicle and station types
- fixed incorrect display of plane stats
- fixed bug with refitting not working except when paused, and it
should also be safe to use in multiplayer games again
- by Mek:
* new bit setting for locomotion gui to use TTD's station
building window
* switch between TTD's station building window and lomogui with
* fix incorrect display of too long station names in dropdowns
- by Oskar: allow bus stop construction (with newstations on)

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